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CPE GL-02 Gown

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Executive Standard: GB15979-2002
Valid time: 2 years
Product name: Disposable Isolation Gown
Materials: 100% Nonwoven
Color: Blue/Yellow
Material weight: 40gsm / PP25gsm + PE15gsm
Feature: waterproof
Packing Way: 1 0PCS /BAG, 100PCS PER CARTON
Package: Plastic bag
Carton Size: 65×29×35cm
G.W: 11.8kg
N.W: 10.8kg

The 0.5cm elastic rope be sewn on the cuffs with flat seam.

The waist rope is 2.1 meters long, with a binding, 15 cm in the seam, and 43 cm below the front and middle neckline (positioning on the marker).

Join seam by heat seal seam, no needles stitches on seam.

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